NAMASTE! Mohan and Keshori Aryal Welcomes you.

Everest-Nokka is one of Helsinki’s oldest restaurants and a trendsetter in field of offering Himalayan flavors.

The restaurant was founded by Mohan Aryal back in 1997 and now this year proudly celebrating 25 years of Silver Jubilee!

When Mohan arrived in Finland in the early 90s, his burning desire has been to be purse the profession of passion in his new home country by establishing his own restaurant and preparing and adapting Nepali dishes to suit Finnish tastes.

Customer can also get original flavors by presenting their wishes to the friendly staff. Each portion is put together in the kitchen, taking into account the customer’s special wishes. An excellent example of this is from a regular customer’s wish dish on Menus called Kukhuro Resham Firiri. The dish he has come to love during his own trips to Nepal. Based on his wish, that special dish of chicken in a strong sauce, green peppers, onions and lots of chilithat that reminiscent of a Nepali folk song was developed in our kitchen.

Himalayan recipe is abundance of strong spices and different flavor cooked in fire. The world’s spice regions are next door and available in your own country.

Hindu culture regulates the menu in such a way that beef is not be to be found on the menu, instead lamb, chicken, fish and especially vegetarian food are prominent.

The intimate Restaurant Everest, located in the jugendstil architecture house in Katajanokka, is a family business with strong ties to entrepreneurship and business operations, a good example of which is the AAA rating awarded to the restaurant and many recognition from different communities.

The captivating friendliness and service orientation of the restaurateur and staff have brought the restaurant a very large and loyal customer base.



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